Tila's Restaurante & Bar

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1711 Hazard St
Houston, TX 77019

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About Tila’s Restaurante & Bar

Taco Truck in Houston, TX

Tila's Restaurante & Bar may not have a physical location at the moment, but that won't keep us down. Today, we use our taco truck in Houston, TX, to provide catering services at any site or venue, and we also serve as a mobile Mexican food truck.


Tila's Restaurante & Bar started as a physical bar and grill that ran for more than 20 years before losing the lease to the building in 2017. Not to be deterred, we chose to continue our services through a food truck instead of going silently into the night and, today, we deliver the same delicious Mexican food all over town, including locations that customers request. We cater to office buildings, upscale apartment communities, private parties, special and corporate events, independent breweries, sports events, and more.

Tila in Taco Truck, Houston, TX

We're open to traveling long distances to provide catering services. We're based in Houston, Texas, and will travel as far as Austin. You'll find the same great tastes and flavors as we did in our brick and mortar restaurant in locations now across the city. We cater at any location you'd like us to visit, and can even bring food into the venue for clients to enjoy inside.

Owner Tila Hidalgo

Tila, Taco Truck, Houston, TX

Since the mid-1980s, Tila has challenged the boundaries of traditional Mexican cuisine with inspired, age-old family recipes. From brie cheese and pear quesadillas to tequila-marinated salmon with fresh kiwi and mango slices, the cuisine is anything but predictable. Only the vivid imagination and tequila-inspired tastes of Tila's could conjure up such extraordinary fare.

Some of our customer favorites include Salmon Borracho, Filet Mignon, Chiles en Nogada, and our signature Chilean Sea Bass. We use homemade, all-natural margaritas and an impressive selection of more than 60 premium tequilas, our patrons are inspired to do absolutely nothing at all other than relax and converse with friends new and old. Of course, they love every minute of it. Tila's is a warm, friendly, and comfortable food truck without pretension. Our guests feel at home while enjoying delicious, authentic Mexican food. Tila and the restaurant is an active participant in the Houston community, and we contribute to fundraisers and support many local and vital charities.